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On Stands Now: 2022 Lakelander MADE Issue

The annual Lakelander MADE Issue has made its way to restaurants, coffee shops, salons and stores around the city. It is our annual celebration of incredible products and one-of-kind entrepreneurs and creatives that are Lakeland’s own. 

Go grab a copy today and dive into:

  • The behind-the-scenes adventures of a beloved local artist who is affectionately called Bump
  • The redemptive story and inspiration behind one of Lakeland hottest fashion brands
  • How one local musician took the hardship he endured and used it to help other people effectively change their tune
  • The Krazy folks who had a dream about kombucha that has come true
  • A man who unexpectedly has turned himself into one of downtown’s leading developers
  • Local products to buy for your loved ones this Christmas, and more!
Editor’s Note: Made to Enjoy What is Uniquely Made

Growing up, I believed I could build the world’s most customized, colorful and flat out rad football stadium. 

So I did.

It was part of the beauty of being raised in a family where my mom enrolled me in art classes even though my ambition outweighed my talent, I could hang collector’s Wheaties boxes on my wall, and I was never scolded for throwing thousands of pieces from dozens of Lego kits together in large plastic bins.

The stadium I built was clearly sized just right for delightful little yellow mini figures and I could only step on it, not into it — but it illuminated for me the fact that God built into our DNA a desire to use His creative spirit to build things from scratch.

You might not recognize that at times in a culture where it’s easier to jump on board trends than create new ones, yet the reality is that talented engineers designed the computer I typed this on, someone’s dream of an invisible signal called the internet now powers our lives and the spaces those aforementioned trends exist have created jobs for millions of people around the world.

I love putting together the MADE issue because it answers the “What if?” question with tangible results that now exist for you and I to enjoy.

“What if a nurse quit her day job and used that passion to create a growing beverage company?”

“What if a guitarist experienced a life-altering medical condition and was determined to find a way for people like him to continue to play the music they love?”

“What if a young woman took her creative talent and painful past and allowed God to weave it together for the common good?”

We live in a community where I am continually amazed to see people discovering new ways to entertain, innovate, collaborate, and meet needs. Every time you try a new restaurant in town, buy a local product or support the local art scene you are supporting dreams.

Enjoy getting to know some of the amazing faces, stories and products that are being MADE, right here in Lakeland. 

RJ Walters, Editor