Lkldnow is a three-year-old non-profit news organization whose mission is to engage readers with Lakeland. Lkldnow’s reporting and curating of news focuses on efforts to make Lakeland more livable and empower readers with the information they need.

Lkldnow editor and publisher, Barry Friedman, has spent the last 36 years curating news for Lakeland and Polk County between serving as an editor at The Ledger and then becoming the founder of lkldnow. He founded in the mid-90s and is constantly watching the horizon to discover new ways readers will be getting news.

This month through December, lkldnow is participating in NewsMatch, a national initiative to support non-profit news. During November and December, donations to lkldnow will be matched 100 percent (up to $1,000) by a coalition of foundations who believe that democracy and communities are strengthened by the reporting of independent news organizations. Lkldnow is one of 155 organizations selected to participate in NewsMatch, all of them members of the Institute for Nonprofit News.

“Donations will be used to increase our reporting capacity by adding experienced freelance journalists and eventually full-time reporters,” says Friedman.

Donations can be made several ways: