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The Lakelander is moving into a historic building near Dixieland with the mission of multiplying our impact through digital expansion, growing our Lakelander Creative marketing and branding business, and launching a lifestyle brand to go along with our flagship monthly print magazine.

As it was reported earlier this week on LkldNow, we have purchased the building at 1505 S. Florida Ave. that has been Phillips Photographers for six decades. We are excited to carry on the tradition of creativity and passion for the community that Robin Phillips and his father, Dick, have embodied while leading their business.

We will work with a local architect and contractors to update the building to be a modern professional creative space, while keeping the original mid-century style. We will enhance the existing studio to serve as a prime space for photo shoots, video content production and more. We do not yet have a move-in date.

“It is an iconic spot that has been an important part of our community for years, and our intent is to make that true for years to come,” said Curt Patterson, publisher of Lakelander Media. “Our staff has continued to grow, our opportunity to partner with local businesses and tell their stories continues to increase, and we are grateful for the opportunity at hand.”

The Lakelander is set to launch its new website at thelakelander.com during the first quarter of 2023. Through Lakelander Creative the company is lending its expertise to small businesses, corporations, nonprofits and schools through branding, logo design and content design production. Details on the new Dear Lakeland lifestyle brand will be announced in the coming weeks.

“We are ready to connect more people and businesses with our growing audiences to help Lakeland and Lakelanders flourish,” said Jason Jacobs, associate publisher of Lakelander Media. “Our past decade of work has shown the immense need for this kind of work and the mutual success that can take place when a clear vision is aligned with the right strategy and resources.”