Kids naturally love to learn, and there are many paths we may take to educate our children. New to Lakeland, Mi Escuela is a Montessori school that delivers lessons in both English and Spanish, spurring kids to think freely and understand the world around them.

Mi Escuela fuses two distinct educational styles to form a well-rounded program for kindergarteners through eighth graders: Montessori education and two-way dual-language immersion (TWDLI).

Montessori education centers around hands-on and experiential learning. It allows students to gain practical life skills, learn conflict resolution, and develop self-regulation techniques in a safe space. Mi Escuela’s individualized combination of styles encourages advanced academic success in students. 

Mi Escuela is a free public charter school fully accessible to families of all income levels. When kids leave Mi Escuela each day, they leave with improved attention, stronger communication, and more flexible thinking. Visit for more information.