A Breakthrough Sunscreen That Mirrors a CEO’s Personal Experience


By RJ Walters
Photography by Jordan Randall

Locally owned and operated Roskin Beauty is a natural skincare line that is as much about mineral-based products that create radiant skin as it is about the founder’s journey to find her own beauty within.

Rohini Philip was born and raised in India, where she earned a degree in pharmaceutical science and set her sights on a career in medicine.

In her 20s, she married her husband Rengit, and the couple moved to New Jersey, where he was completing a residency program.

In the span of a few years she became a wife, moved to a new country and gave birth to the couple’s first two children, both daughters. There were a lot of good things happening all at once, but it was a whirlwind that turned into an elongated season of searching for what her purpose was outside of being a spouse and mother.

“I was always making my plans and doing things, and every time I tried to do something it would fail,” recalls the now 42-year-old mother of three who is the CEO of Roskin Beauty.  “I kind of felt like chains were pulling me back every time I tried something.“

Eventually the couple moved to Lakeland to be closer to Rengit’s parents, and she continued her education, earning a Master’s Degree in public health from University of South Florida. Over the years she also recognized a passion for formulating products—at first in her home kitchen, developing products that could help her oldest daughter manage severe allergies.

Still, at 35 years old, she was searching for something more.

Then one day, completely out of character for her, she posted the following on social media:

“I’m going to the Himalayas, who is coming?”

She wasn’t much of a hiker, and she didn’t know if anyone would even take the post seriously. One friend responded with a “Yes,” and then another, and before she knew it, she was on the other side of the world hiking, rappelling and climbing. It was there she literally had a mountaintop experience that forever changed the trajectory of her life.

“God called me and he kind of isolated me,” she says with a gleam of deep appreciation. “I’m there on top of that mountain and I took my diary out and wrote, ‘I’m going to do this. I don’t know what the business will be, but I’m going to come back and begin the process of starting my own business.’”

She said she felt so small in that moment, taking in the vastness around her, but also very humbled and encouraged because she knew for certain that God was with her on the journey.

As time has proven, God has used people to help propel her forward on her entrepreneurial path. A prolific pharmaceutical businessman who had been one of her professors in India affirmed her business idea, she connected with a local chemist and she found a production facility in Clearwater to work with.

Sunscreen is one of the harder things to do and something that people need, so even though there might be easier paths or ways to make money quicker, I wanted to create something that could benefit everyone.

-CEO Rohini Philip

Those were just some of the elements that lined up and eventually made it possible for Rohini to launch Roskin Beauty in March with their initial product, Invisible Mineral Matte Facial Sunscreen, which is rated SPF 33 for broad spectrum coverage.

“Sunscreen is one of the harder things to do and something that people need, so even though there might be easier paths or ways to make money quicker, I wanted to create something that could benefit everyone,” she says.

She has formulated a clean medical grade sunscreen that offers 88.5 percent blue light protection, is 20 percent non nano zinc oxide and dermatologist approved to use on a daily basis on all skin types. She is not completely against chemical sunscreens, she just believes she provides a safer alternative.

“Ours is more biodegradable for beaches and marine life—it’s earth friendly,” she says. “Ours tests very well with people with sensitive skin, it can go on under your makeup, and it’s non-tinted which means the whole family can use it.”

People can order the product off of Amazon or roskinbeauty.com. Locals can also pick up the sunscreen at Pink Glow Wax Co. in Winter Haven, and Rohini’s team is working diligently to get into other local retailers.

She is eager to expand her line to additional products, but understands more than ever the virtue of patience and waiting on God’s timing.

She appreciates the support her husband, a Doctor of Internal Medicine, has provided her, and she is forever grateful for her deep Catholic faith that God has used to develop and sustain her.

“God will put you in positions, where if you decide to do that one small step, He will guide you and put people in your direction to help you respond to that calling.” 

One of Rohini's most transformational experiences, which was a catalyst for Roskin Beauty, happened on a trip to the Himalayas.

Roskin Beauty

A Revolutionary Invisible Mineral Sunscreen