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2022 MADE Maker of Note: DOU Bakehouse


Diana Cortes and David Hernandez bring passion, expertise and flair to the pastry game in a way that is vivid and bright and that has helped build a business that is quite nice. 

They started DOU in 2015 on the foundation of Diana’s pastry chef background and David’s economics and marketing skills. Diana hails from Colombia, where she initially studied business administration. But she was more excited by her favorite hobby of cooking and dreamt of turning that into a money maker. 

She eventually landed on pursuing a career in the pastry business after training in Argentina, and what started as baking thousands of cookies a month has turned into a growing business that has established a strong presence throughout Central Florida.


You can’t walk by a display of DOU’s macaroons without feeling like you are being transported into the middle of a Dr. Seuss book. The colors pop and it’s unlikely you will be able to eat just one. They tout they are currently making more than 10,000 macaroons per week, but they also make handmade chocolate bars, cake pops fit for high-end parties and weddings, and many other exquisite pastries. 

DOU says its business has boomed by selling wholesale to resorts in Orlando, cruise lines, hotels and corporate clients. Lucky for Lakelanders, they are also finalizing details for a local pickup spot near downtown that is slated to open in February 2023.