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2022 Lakelander MADE Maker of Note: The Savvy Succulent

Carly Snyder

Carly Snyder’s journey to found The Savvy Succulent was birthed out of a tough chapter in her life. After breaking multiple bones in an accident and experiencing the onset of a rare disorder referred to as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), she was unable to walk and go about her regular activities for several months.

With the encouragement of friends she started making faux plants and arrangements. It was a healthy creative outlet that gave her purpose, and eventually she opened an Etsy store where she has now made more than 550 sales.

Snyder’s goal is to create realistic, maintenance free products for people who are not blessed with a “green thumb” (which she admits she is not), but love decorative pieces that can enhance the look and feel of their home.

Her products include orchids, succulent arrangements, faux plants and trees, centerpieces and custom wreaths.

INSTAGRAM | @The.Savvy.Succulent

ETSY | @TheSavvySucculents