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2022 Lakeland MADE Maker of Note: Mockingbird Artist

Rebekah Firmin is a Lakeland native who is an author and illustrator who accentuates the beauty of the natural world and of life through her work despite the hardships that are inevitable. She lost her father to cancer at a young age and she continues to spread hope in the midst of her own battle with connective tissue disorder.

Rebekah Firmin

This year marked her first year as a full-time artist and she has made valuable connections with local businesses including Scout & Tag and Pressed LKLD.

Most recently, Firmin published the children’s book “My Little Mockingbird.” Her synopsis of the book is: A little mockingbird becomes overwhelmed by the noises of the world and learns how to tune its heart to the song of its creator who sings, “You are loved, you are never alone, and all that was lost is being restored.”

MockingbirdArtist creates Lakeland landmark prints, as well as custom illustrations of houses, couples/families and anything that can bring life to someone’s home. 

Her Etsy shop includes nearly 80 different custom products.

ETSY | @mockingbirdartist
INSTAGRAM | @mockingbirdartist