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Reaching the Summit: The Legend of the Doggedly Successful, Remarkably Interesting Doc Dockery 

The life of Doc Dockery was one of adventure, entrepreneurship and impact that created a legacy that helped shape the Lakeland we live in today.

Building Hope for New Moms

See how one local woman is rallying the community to build a place of hope, resources and lasting relationships to support single moms facing unexpected pregnancies.

Built Different: NuJak Companies

See how NuJak Companies is leading the way in the construction industry through in its people-first culture in business and beyond

Ethereal Elegance: A mock wedding to highlight the city’s most interesting new space

Before the final permits were approved and people were walking, laughing and eating on the grounds, we put together a mock wedding to show some of the magical indoor and outdoor space of Bonnet Springs Park.

High-voltage Alert

Jeremy and Leah Brumley have built more than a restaurant with good chicken, they have established a brand that is the result of years of experience and a work ethic as strong as LoveBird’s neon lights at nightfall.

Lakeland’s Next Food Stars

Check out six rising stars in the local food scene who are catapulting into public view, in part because of the collaboration of Catapult Kitchen.

Lake of Records: A Rich History, Now Featured in an Award-Winning Documentary

“Lake of Records” is a documentary that covers The Orange Cup Regatta, an annual power boat race that has been drawing racers and spectators for 88 years.

Stich, Mend, Repeat: The East of These Story

Taylor Ard’s journey to successful entrepreneur has not been easy, but she has used the lessons on that road to bless others and build a thriving apparel brand.

What is a Lakelander?

In this 10 part series, we ask people who embody the characteristics of what a Lakelander is what their experience is in Lakeland, what they love about our city, and what they would like to see change.

Undercover Baker

Debbie Boyce is an unsung hero of the local baking scene, putting her heart and talent into hundreds of cakes each year.

To Leave a Legacy

Lakelander Jen Lay, a longtime local real estate agent, is on a mission to change the narrative for single moms by helping them provide stability for their kids.